A globally recognized leader in reading eyewear and sunglasses is a continuity client with Scan Based Trading product in a national retail chain. RMS merchandisers complete servicing on an endcap in Pharmacy and a sidecap in Stationery on a regular basis. The company was given permission by Target to test a sidecap in 30 stores.

RMS Action

  • RMS reps located and installed the test sidecap in various departments to identify where the product would sell best on the salesfloor.
  • Regular servicing was completed to zone and stock the sidecap to capacity.
  • RMS reps used REX, RMS’s mobile application, to scan and report out of stock items. These out of stock items were sent directly to a database for the client to access instantaneously. Having this ability allowed identification of which inventory was needed by store to ensure the sidecap stayed fully stocked week after week.
  • The RMS Account Manager provided weekly recaps highlighting areas of success and opportunity over a 5-month test period.


  • Due to the success of the test, the company was granted space for the new sidecap in chainwide.
  • RMS was asked to execute the sidecap sets in all stores.
  • RMS servicing allows the sidecaps to stay merchandised to Target standards.
  • There continues to be an increase in sales from these items week after week.

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